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Volvo has yet again proved that indeed, this brand is all about luxury, sophistication, and safety. And all these criteria are found in the Volvo S80. And this vehicle boasts of comfort, power, and safety which, as the brand claims, when put together would create Scandinavian luxury. Scandinavian luxury for them is all in all the power and the capacity of a vehicle to be a machine yet has that human touch.
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Holding four doors, the Volvo S80 is yet another vehicle that has been making heads turn, as well as making people take a second look. It is a front wheel drive luxury car and this was first introduced back in the year 1999. It was actually introduced to the public so as to replace the aging Volvo 960 sedan. If you have noticed, all Volvo models have a wagon version. However, this time around, Volvo decided not to include a wagon body style with the Volvo S80. The competition of this vehicle includes the Acura RL, the Audi A6, the BMW 5 series, the Cadillac STS, the Infiniti M, the Jaguar S Type, the Lexus GS, the Mercedes Benz E class, and the Saab 9-5.
The first batch of Volvo S80s came onto the streets as the Volvo flagship model. In fact, this vehicle has been making well so much so that up until the present, it continually holds that spot as the Volvo flagship model. This vehicle has been built on the Volvo P2 platform. The first two trim levels that came with this vehicle were the 2.9 and the T6. The 2.9 level held a 2.9 L I6 engine. On the other hand, the T6 came with a twin turbocharged 2.8 L I6 engine.
The present Volvo S80 boasts not only of power and performance but a couple of features to enhance delivery and performance. There is the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system. This ensures the driver a relaxing driving experience by its radar sensor that slows down the vehicle in cases when the vehicle in front of you is slowing down. There also is the Collision Warning and Brake Support (CWBS) which immediately alerts you with a flashing red light when there are sudden changes in the traffic ahead of you. This gives you the chance to slow down to avoid any kind of rear end crash.

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